Monday, February 17, 2014

I finally started troubleshooting "Clanger," and I'm making progress.
I seem to be hamstrung with too many interesting ideas and to little time and energy, though. Aside from getting the above working and for sale as a kit;
1.) get a Linn/Oberhiem sample data drum machine going on the new "Tiva" Launchpad from TI. The Stellaris code I found, needs modification for the Tiva, and I'm having to learn the eclipse/Linux toolchain to get anything beyond "blinky" going on the Tiva.
2.) Get an ancient Xbox hacked open fully, to use it as a power supply for dcist's "CS-style VCO." My earlier midi to cv for the MSP430 Launchpad project should drive it fine, with just a few code modifications.
3.) Update my old, half-finished VST plugins as soon as I receive the drive adapter to access the drive the original VC++ projects are (hopefully) on.
4.) Plow trough the 750-page Supercollider book to  try to get a handle on how to make interesting music with it, beyond just modifying examples.
5.) Put time into finding a part-time job as a music therapist, probably at nursing homes. I got a little ad-hoc experience at this two weeks ago, and I found it therapeutic, myself.

Any ideas or feedback?